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People are so much more than just one thing – let's talk about it all!


More Than 1 Thing.” is a blog and audio podcast to chat about the many life experiences we all share. More Than 1 Thing. delivers true to life conversations about the good, bad, and ugly that life promises. The author and host is an expert of society, a mother, woman, military spouse, millennial, entrepreneur, and so much more than just one thing.

Blog Posts

My Child’s First Heartache

This emotionally painful moment experienced by a military child when his daddy is away on deployment and the realization of impact big decisions have on children.

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Finding Purpose

Discovering ourselves is the plight of life. Some people know their purpose and others are still searching and may never find. In this post, I share my journey to purpose (which I am still on) and offer you perspective.

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To Mom or Not to Mom?

This post is something every woman has been confronted with; you’ve thought about it, some of you have gotten thrown into it and had to rise or fall, some (including myself) have battled with this huge decision. That topic is, becoming a mom (or not) or choosing to mom again.

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